The whole world
is a school for a

At Hippocampus. we transform
the lives of children through
high quality education

A world of learning

Imagine if school was a place filled with knowledge and joyful memories. 

And if every place a child visited after school, became a mini-school.

A garden, a road, a kitchen, a beach…mini-schools at every moment, every turn.

At Hippocampus, we believe that when we show a child how to learn – go beyond the ABCs and 123s – we’re setting them on the path to becoming a self-learner!

Our role as teachers? Is to inspire the child to continue learning beyond the classroom.

This is why a Hippocampus classroom is designed to spark a child’s imagination and curiosity . . .

Our Approach

Excited Children

Creating an environment for children to explore their own abilities & interests

Motivated Teachers

Maintaining a culture where teachers take responsibility for a child’s learning

Empathetic Parents

Partnering with parents to encourage and support every child’s decisions

Over the last 18 years

Early Learning Schools

Our Path

Our mission is to co-create a world of curious self-learners!

We envision a school system where the child, parent and teacher partner together to develop a habit of self-learning that lasts through life.

So the whole world can become a joy to explore, today and in future.

Over the last 18 years2

High Quality Education, Verified & Validated

At every stage of our growth, our focus has been on quality. In this pursuit, we have invited external assessments of our program, regularly, such as:

  • A detailed 5 year Randomized Control Trial (RCT) by J-PAL on Early Years Learning across 800 students
  • An evaluation of primary grade children by Grey Matters, India

We are proud that our children have outperformed their peer group. This has given us the confidence to reach out to more and more children who can benefit from quality education.

Our path

Over the last 18 years, we have built:

200+ Early Learning PreSchools, educating more than 150,000 preschoolers.

16 managed schools, working with 4000 children annually.
1000+ library partnerships globally, reaching 100s of 1000s of children.
66 school partnerships for our programs.



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