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Transform the lives of underserved children through quality education

Hippocampus’s journey in delivering educational outcomes provides many insights on how such impact may be created in a commercial framework. This is a definitive case study of a pioneering commercial venture addressing a huge social need.

The journey started in 2003 with Umesh Malhotra and Vimala R Malhotra starting the Hippocampus library in a suburb of Bangalore called Koramangala to satiate their son’s appetite for books. The library captured the imagination of Bangaloreans and quickly became a part of the cultural landscape of the city. Instead of opening more centres for middle class children, they expanded their work with libraries to reach out to poor children studying in government schools and attending community centres in slums.

The early experiments in driving educational outcomes scaled considerably but were largely philanthropic. They however realised that without creating value for all stakeholders these forays would not endure. Therefore, HIPPOCAMPUS’s journey can be said to begin in right earnest from 2011 when the venture started rolling out Preschool centres across Karnataka. The venture found ready acceptance in the villages they opened in and started ramping up the numbers of centres. In 2014, Hippocampus had more than 100 centres and decided to start its first school. By 2019, Hippocampus operates more than 17 schools. Today Hippocampus is one of the largest and most respected operators in Rural India.

Hippocampus also assists private schools and community centres in running better schools, pre-schools and libraries. These programs have been implemented across India and the world through our partners.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” – Nelson Mandela. This is the goal at Hippocampus to transform the lives of underserved children through high quality education. We have set ourselves on Mission Finland, wherein we will provide education in quality similar to that of Finland to as many children as the country of Finland for 1% of the cost of Finland. Hippocampus will become a role model for the World to replicate and address the challenges of education for large portion of the population.

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Hippocampus promises an environment with significant learning opportunities. The senior management team at Hippocampus has more than 20 years of experience, and are very good mentors for young people

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