The 21st Century Challenge

The future is filled with new potential and new opportunities that are unimaginable.
Our aim is to develop an open mindset in children so they can continue to learn, grow and adapt to the world around them, when they are no longer in school.
Previous learning methodologies have been developed for a world of the past, where learning was made possible through lectures and texts. Today, learning is possible through so many different mediums.
Which is why we suggest a 7C  School!

The 7C Approach

At Hippocampus our children love to come to school.
We begin by establishing a strong foundation in the early years and supporting it with our in-house supplementary programs for language building, numeracy and coding. The children also work with plants, cook food, play with rangoli, measure their classroom and their school, create their own games through coding.
All while studying their Math, English and Science



What is the 7C Framework?
Let’s hear it from the children!


“I like English subject because it’s very interesting.
I like to meet and play with my friends.”
– Chidanand, Class 2.


At school, I learn to become a better student and a person.”
-Alfreda, Class 8

Cultural Appreciation
“My teachers are very friendly. They give me opportunities to showcase my talent on stage. tNow I’ve also overcome my stage fear.”
– Sri Sanvi, Class 2

Critical Thinking
“It is not required to go to separate class for critical thinking because the workbooks designed by tHippocampus help us develop our critical thinking.”
-Monish M, Class 5

“The school provides me a platform to showcase my talents. The institution also helped me enhance my speaking skills which makes me stand out from others.”
– Sneha, Class 8

“We learn to work collaboratively towards a common goal, and develop skills in planning and organizing. We also learn to share responsibilities, risks, benefits and credit.”
– Melquis Savio, Class 6

Community Engagement
“I like EVS subject more because it has more information about plants and animals. I love to learn about nature!”
– Suchithra TS, Class 4

Admissions are now open for 2021-22.


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