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A 7C school in every city, every town, every village. That is our dream.

We believe that every child deserves a quality school experience, as they spend their childhood paving the
path for an exciting future.

Towards this, we have adapted our 7C School Framework, instilling 21st century skills Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Community Engagement, Cultural Appreciation and Caring at various economic levels.

Quality education that every parent can provide for their child.

International Schools

Our network of International school system has been set-up for children in cities, with state-of the-art infrastructure.

Every campus is equipped with playgrounds, libraries, laboratories, digital and AV classrooms.

The schools also have international-style classrooms, with play areas that create innovative outdoor learning experiences.

Kindergarten sections have in-built libraries for toddlers, and play areas to stimulate sensory
play in little ones.

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Malnad International Hippocampus School

Hassan City, Hassan District

Located in the heart of the city, the campus is attached to the Malnad College of Engineering, and has
access to a swimming pool, cricket grounds and badminton courts.

With a capacity of 750 children, the school also has a beautiful library,with a well-equipped computer lab.

A new international kindergarten block is also under construction.


Future Schools

Future Schools have been developed for children in Indian towns.

The schools operate in small towns or large villages where the paying capacity of the parents is limited. However, every school has a large play area and infrastructure that maximizes on quality in keeping with each demographic’s financial capability.

The teachers at Future Schools are passionate and are trained to deliver joyful learning experiences with the resources at every school.


DKS Hippocampus School, Ramagondanahalli

Kanakapura Taluk, Ramnagara district

Built on 6 acres of land, this had initially opened with a capacity of 400 children. Today the school has expanded to deliver quality learning experiences to 800 children. 

The school has a beautiful library, and a well-equipped computer lab. The campus will also soon include dedicated sports infrastructure and a vocational training lab.



English Schools

English Schools have been developed for children in large villages and small towns.

These schools cater to the children of farmers and small shopkeepers. These parents have high aspirations, but are often unable to provide quality education for their children due to limited budgets.

While the schools in these areas tend to have limited infrastructure, with small classrooms, Hippocampus partners with like-minded organizations and individuals to provide additional facilities and classrooms.

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Shantiniketan Hippocampus School, Hunasanahalli 

Kanakapura Taluk, Ramnagara district

Built on 1 acre of land, the school was founded by the principal trustee who could not continue his education beyond his 10th standard. He later built the school in the village to give back to society.  

The school has a capacity of 350 children, and has been expanding over time to include new classrooms, libraries, computer labs and a quaint outdoor performing area.


How do we manage such a large network?

All Hippocampus centres are managed through our award-winning tech platform Samarthya.

User-friendly. Teacher friendly.

The app’s easy-to-use design allows teachers and staff to access student information, enrollments, demographics, attendance, fee collection and assessments on a handy tab device.

Manageable. Scalable.

Teacher files, recruitment information, performance records and payroll are also tracked on the platform for Hippocampus and its partners to scale operations smoothly.

Screening. On screen.

Samarthya also has a built-in teacher audit and classroom audit functionality that helps us track quality across our entire network.

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