Our world

Our children’s futures have a wide range of unimaginable opportunities.

Opportunities that allow them to contribute meaningfully in their communities and across the seven seas.

Unfortunately, the current approach to school education is based on 19th century learning methodologies that simply don’t suit our children’s needs. At Hippocampus we are driving a movement to build 7C skills for the 21st century amongst children, with the support of parents and the community.

Our aim is to develop an open mindset in children so they can continue to learn, grow and adapt to the world around them. Even when they are no longer in school.


Our framework

The purpose of a school is to ensure children learn. But is memorization the same as learning?

We support our children in building skills that make them world-ready. And we do so by instilling a simple principle in our day-to-day lives in class – learning is understanding and knowing how to apply the knowledge we gain.

To do this we apply our 7C framework to education:

  • Critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Community Engagement
  • Cultural Appreciation
  • Caring

World-standard education that’s useful across the 7 seas.

Across the World Wide Web

At a Hippocampus school, we like to cover the 7Cs with a little help from the internet

20% of a child’s time is always kept for digital learning at our schools. This promotes self-learning, and the opportunity to access experts around the world.

Through our digital learning module children have pursued advanced programs, collaborated on projects with children across multiple schools, and developed projects with online communities.

We will always remember 2020 for Covid-19. But while the pandemic has destroyed many children’s learning experiences, our 7C framework has allowed children to make use of the digital world. Expectations of digital usage have been customized, with each of our schools choosing their interventions depending upon the requirement of the community.

Curriculum & Assessments

Curriculum & Assessments

We follow an NCERT-based curriculum – a CBSE recommended curriculum that is the standard used in the Kendriya Vidyalaya and Jawahar Navodaya Schools.
A detailed CCE assessment is done for each child, and personalized reports are shared with parents on a periodic basis.

Lesson Plans

To make classrooms engaging, and facilitate quicker learning we have developed child-centric lesson plans that meet international standards.

Every single unit comes with:

  • Pre-designed activity sheets
  • Project sheets
  • Homework

All our lesson plans are focussed on differential learning outcomes and encourage the all-round development of the child. Efforts have also been taken to address the requirements of remedial and advanced students.

Lesson Plans


Every one of our 7C schools is respected in its area, and we have our staff to thank!

Year-on-year, we are more convinced than ever, on the importance of a great team. Our school teams are constantly working together to improve the learning experience of our children.

Learning Management
Director (1)

Our principals are immensely experienced, and we ensure above-average compensation to retain them in our schools.

We recruit a mix of young and senior teachers to provide a blend of fun and maturity to the school environment. Every teacher goes through a 5 step recruitment process with a 15% selection rate of applications received.

Each of the schools is supported by an operations team. This way, the principal and teachers can spend more time with students and less time on administrative activities.

Learning Management
The schools are also supported by a learning management team of experts who train teachers regularly and work with them to improve the quality of teaching.

Each school is supported by a school director. The school director, along with the learning manager and the principal are constantly applying new innovations in education.

Our Schools

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