Building 7C Citizens

Our schools focus on building culturally-rooted global citizens who embody these seven values and skills, namely  COMMUNICATION, CARING, CULTURAL APPRECIATION, CRITICAL THINKING, CREATIVITY, COLLABORATION, COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT. We believe that through these values and skills our children will become aware of themselves and their surroundings to think creatively and critically to empathize with and solve the challenges in the world around them in a collaborative environment.

What do we do?

At Hippocampus, our children love to come to school. Our first agenda is to create a deep nurturing environment at school, which lets the child explore learning through music, movement, manipulatives and play.

This journey towards self-learning is based on establishing the strong foundation in the early years and supporting it with our in house supplementary programs for language building, numeracy and coding.

Our children work with plants, cook food, play with rangoli, measure their classroom and their school, create games through coding using scratch. They also study math, english and science.

Practicing reflective practices through journaling, questioning and working collaboratively with each other are key to build the 7C skills our schools are known for.

When we lead our children towards meta learning we provide the concepts through the channel of 7C skills which primarily are the a combination of the 21st Century skills:

  • Critical thinking – developing a problem solving mindset
  • Communication – Practicing and using the higher order skills like expression, negotiation and persuasion
  • Collaboration – Working in social groups towards a goal or a purpose
  • Creativity – thinking out of the box.

Getting our children ready for the future and at the same time creating an environment of healthy respect for their own diversity and individuality is at the heart of the 7C thought, which why we added our 3Cs:

  • Community Engagement – in treating the class, school and the village as our micro communitiy to bring in ownership, change and active citizenry in our children
  • Cultural Appreciation – ability to respect our heritage and appreciate a different culture
  • Caring – being empathetic to the world around us and creating a culture of care and support to our fellow human beings