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A strong foundation. A brilliant start.

Our work began 18 years ago with a mission to build a nation of self-learners. We decided to begin right at the foundation: the early years.

Since inception, we have worked diligently at cracking the technique to deliver and scale quality learning experiences at the preschool level. Through the course of this journey we have learnt the HOW-TOs (with a fair share of HOW-NOT-TOs) running each of our 160+ preschools like they were our own little babies.

Armed with this first-hand experience, today we are opening our preschool doors to partner with like-minded organisations and individuals to take our early years learnings across India.

Join us as a franchisee partner, so every child can be a self-learner.

Partnership Benefits


Activity-Based Curriculum
A framework that’s tried, tested, and loved

Teacher’s Training
Blended learning for both academic and non-academic staff

Monitoring and evaluation assistance for teachers and children

Teacher Learning Material
Stationery, session plans, and tablets

Textbooks, workbooks, notebooks, and welcome kits


Child safety guidelines

School Management software to track children’s progress, session plans, etc.

Recruitment Assistance
Team JDs, salary package details, templates and final recruitment

Legal Documentation
Rental agreement templates, preschool registrations and partnership agreement


Digital Promotions
Marketing support across all relevant platforms for brand-building and enrollments

Offline Marketing
Strategy and design support to communicate the Hippocampus difference

Design Support
A customizable marketing kit with prospectus, pamphlets and posters

90% of a child’s brain develops before they are 6 years old.

This is the reason why the New Education Policy emphasizes a deep focus on Foundation Stage learning based on play and active discovery.

Join us in an educational movement, where our toddlers grow into self-learners!

For Partnership!

    Franchisee Partnership Requirements

    20 sq. ft space for each child

    10 lakhs investment

    1:15 teacher-child ratio

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    "Excellent concept of teaching with affordable cost."
    "A very good organization.. Good to work."
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    "Excellent pre-school...very friendly and interactive teachers"
    "Best preschool. Helpful staff. Child friendly teachers."
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    "Good Infrastructure. Very safe for the children."
    "One of the best school in Hassan. One on one attention to the students - Malnad School"