Our doors were opened to the world 18 years ago, with our library space.
We imagined a space where children could laze with an open book, or engage in fun activities, opening their minds to
new worlds and adventures
Today, we read out of a little bungalow on a quiet street in Koramangala, Bangalore.


We have the largest collection of
children’s books in the country, and
add about 80 new books every
month to introduce new writers,
new genres and new concepts
across reading levels


Our space is designed for children
to find a comfortable spot, feel
right at home, and lose themselves
in their book. Our librarians are avid
readers of children’s books, and
enjoy engaging with children with
their recommendations.


We also organize fun weekend
activities, clubs, workshops and
summer camps. Little escapades for
our young members to look forward to
and keep them coming back for more
books again and again.

Admissions open for 2021-22.