In 2004, Hippocampus started to work with children from underprivileged backgrounds and set up the Hippocampus Reading Foundation. Hippocampus developed the “GROW BY” Reading program in 2007 and today this program is available in the 4 Indian Languages of Kannada, Tamil, Urdu and Hindi and also in English.

In 2010, Room to Read, an international organization working in libraries across 10 countries adopted this program as a standard. In 2011, the Government of Karnataka worked with us to set up libraries in 45,000 primary schools in the state.

Hippocampus in partnership with the Goethe Institut – Max Mueller Bhavan started a program to energise libraries in private schools. Some of the schools that use our programs include Pearsons schools and Inventure academy in Bangalore.

Hippocampus offers an assortment of library programmes and services. These are designed to aid librarians/teachers in converting libraries from dull rooms of books into fun and active learning spaces. The range includes:

I Love My Library – Librarian Workshop

An activity-filled workshop that equips school librarians with essential techniques to create dynamic library spaces. The training will empower them to effectively engage with students, support and extend the school curriculum, and promote information literacy.

Love to Learn @ the Library

A library curriculum designed to engage readers from Grade 1 to 5 during the designated library periods. This collection of library-centric activities is aimed at instilling the joy of reading among children while exposing them to a variety of genres.

Curated Catalogue of Book Titles

Meticulously selected titles that range across genres, authors, publishers, reading levels and interests. This service is handy for schools that are trying to set up a library or for schools who want to add books to their current library collection.

Read With HOO

A Teacher Aid for Read Aloud: This package includes books and related activity manuals. The books have been curated to promote basic concepts that are introduced in pre-school classrooms. The manuals include activities to energize the session and worksheets to encourage creativity. They also offer tips to the teacher on how each concept can be further explored with the children.

HOO’s Circle

Hoo’s Circle is a year-long membership program for schools that can infuse fun and excitement into their school libraries. The goal is to promote reading for joy and empower school librarians. HOO’s Circle provides librarians with the materials required to lead celebrations around a variety of themes, conduct engaging library sessions with students of all ages, and stock their shelves with great theme-related books for different reading levels.

GROWBY Reading

Is a holistic, activity-based library program that has been developed for first-generation school-goers. Through this program, Hippocampus aims to lead children to read books at their skill levels, assess their reading levels, and help improve their reading comprehension and fluency at a pace the children are comfortable with. The program is essentially founded on a six-level graded reading basis.


GROW is carefully designed library program that include books and activity manuals which cater to different reading skills within the Grade 1-4 age group. The program encourages independent and joyful reading among children. And each book is supported by worksheets that assess reading comprehension in fun formats.