The Ninja platform was built to connect the best teachers from across the world with hungry self-learners everywhere!

Children in small towns may not have access to skilled teachers and expert content. But they are eager to learn and simply require the right guidance in a non-judgemental environment.

The Ninja platform is our effort to bridge this gap, at highly affordable fees.

All our programs are graded and allow each child to advance from one level to another. The child starts as a Beginner, moves on to become an Apprentice, a Junior and then an Expert.

Chatterbox Ninja (1)

Chatterbox Ninja

Just like becoming a Ninja, learning a language does not happen overnight. It takes regular practice, under the guidance of skilled teachers.
Chatterbox Ninja is our Spoken English Certificate course for children and youth of ages 8 – 16.

  • Through a structured program, children are given an opportunity to practice their English. They are encouraged and given room to learn out loud and gain confidence through each session.
  • A small learning group enables the teacher to provide individual attention to each child.
  • The focus is on grammar, pronunciation and diction, and children have gained tremendous confidence in their Spoken English skills.

Batch size: 6-10 students
Session Duration: 1 hour
Sessions per week: 2-5 
Program Duration: 270 sessions per level

Reading Ninja

Ninjas start young, so that their habits last through life!
Through our Reading Ninja program, children develop the habit of joyful reading.

  • Designed for children between the ages of 8– 14, the program provides an opportunity for all the children in the group to read a book, discuss it among themselves and engage in activities that are based on the book.
  • Over the course of the program, children develop a practice of reading for pleasure.

Batch size: 20-24 students
Session Duration: 1 hour
Sessions per week: 2 
Program duration: 16 weeks

Suvidya Ninja

Mentor and app-based self-learning for children from KG to G10
This program brings together expert teachers on a world class learning app that’s available on both android phones and iphones.
Through the app, children can :

  • Learn at their own pace and at a level that suits them
  • Strengthen conceptual understanding through rich videos
  • Master topics through practice, quizzes and assessments
  • Get personal guidance through WhatsApp and our Alex Chatbot
  • Receive live mentoring and doubt-clarification sessions in English and their local language
  • Additionally, parents can also understand their child’s performance through detailed reports

Batch size: 10-15 students

Learn from Anywhere

You can start our course from anywhere in the world, and start at a level that suits your current skills

Ninja Beginner

Ninja Junior

Ninja Apprentice

Ninja Expert

Become a Ninja Ambassador

Do you enjoy networking and building friendships? Are you good at sales?
Become a Ninja Ambassador and contribute meaningfully to your community. Sign children up to develop essential skills at a young age.

As a Ninja Ambassador, you will:

  • Talk to parents in your community
  • Demonstrate the Ninja platform
  • Share about the programs offered
  • Sign parents up to a program
  • Collect and transfer fees
  • Support children in their journey

Apply now and learn more about the Ambassador program, benefits and incentives offered.

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Become a Ninja Tutor

Would you like to teach part-time? Are you passionate about teaching young children?
Become a Ninja Tutor, and provide children the opportunity to speak and express themselves in the world.

As a Ninja Tutor, you will:

  • Work with young children from underserved communities
  • Teach online through our Ninja platform and programs
  • Earn an honorarium right from home
  • Be of service to the society

If your skills match any of our programs, do reach out to us and become a Ninja Tutor.

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Inquire at [email protected]