Our work began 20 years ago with a mission to build a nation of self-learners. We decided to begin right at the foundation.

90% of a child’s brain develops before they are 6 years old. The New Education Policy therefore emphasizes a deep focus on Foundation Stage learning, where learning is based on play and active discovery.

Our work, since inception, has always been to build and implement a pre-school curriculum that combines play with deep learning that goes beyond literacy and numeracy.

Today, we invite franchisee partners across the country, so every child can be a self-learner.

Partnership Benefits


Activity-Based Curriculum:

A framework that’s tried, tested, and loved

Teacher’s Training:

Blended learning for both academic and non-academic staff


Monitoring and evaluation assistance for teachers and children

Teacher Learning Material:

Stationery, session plans, and tablets


Textbooks, workbooks, notebooks, and welcome kits



Child safety guidelines


School Management software to track children’s progress, session plans, etc.

Recruitment Assistance:

Team JDs, salary package details, templates and final recruitment

Legal Documentation:

Rental agreement templates, preschool registrations and partnership agreement


Digital Promotions:

Digital marketing support on relevant Social Media platforms

Offline Marketing:

Offline marketing plans to increase enrollments along with design support

Design Support:

Marketing kit of prospectus, pamphlets and posters

Join us in an educational movement, where our toddlers grow into self-learners!

Franchisee Partnership Requirements: 

20 sq. ft space for each child

10 lakhs investment

1:15 teacher-child ratio