We work with young children, and there is no bigger joy than a smile on a child’s face. This is the single motivating and unifying factor for all our team members –from the teachers to their managers and the team in the HO. We have a diverse team, from different geographies, socio-economic backgrounds, and educational backgrounds, but all of us will give an arm and leg to make sure each child is safe and learning joyfully

Board of Directors

Umesh Malhotra

Co-Founder & CEO

Aniruddha Patil

Senior Investment Specialist, Asian Developmental Bank

Rajiv Kuchhal

VP –IT and People

Srikanth Iyer

Venture Partner, Unitus Seed Fund

Senior Management Team

Umesh Malhotra

Co-Founder & CEO


COO, Managed Schools

Sarah Misra

Head - Schools

Naveen Kumar Gattamaneni

Financial Controller

Sesha Sayanam

Vice President - IT

Monika Deepak Mehrotra

Vice President - Early Years Program

Anuradha Sarin

Director Fundraising


Head – Learning and product


General Manager – Field Operations