Our mission has always been to inspire children to read more.
Through our reading programs, we address children in slums, rural hill communities and students in international schools. Over the years, we have developed a variety of programs to cater to the needs of readers, libraries, schools and librarians.
In this journey, we have also had the pleasure to partner with incredible organizations from across the world, taking the joy of reading to hundreds of thousands of children.

Our Stories

Our Programs

Grow BY

Guiding children in reading books at their skill levels in a self-paced program. This program is extremely popular with children from low income families and is available in 4 Indian languages and English.


Providing books and activity manuals in the Grade 1-4 age group. Each book is supported by worksheets to assess reading comprehension in fun formats.

Librarians’ Workshop
Equipping school librarians to create dynamic library spaces and effectively engage with students.

Love to Learn

Introducing various genres to children through an activity-based library curriculum

Read with Hoo
Aiding teachers in conducting read-aloud sessions with books and activity manuals.

HOO’s Circle

Leading celebrations around various themes through library sessions, in a year-long School Membership program

Our Languages


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