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From a single school in 2015, Hippocampus rapidly progressed to operating 17 profitable schools at the start of the 2019-20 academic session. The brand “Hippocampus” has gained credibility as a provider of good quality education in under-served areas.

Running a school has multi dimensional complexities. Managing enrollments, collections, transportation, hiring good teachers and so much more. All this leaves people wondering why they are running schools. Over the years, an increasing number of educational trusts have seen the value of the association with Hippocampus as there has been a lot of positive word-of-mouth from the parents and current franchisees.

Hippocampus operates K 10 schools on a Franchisee Owned Company Operated (FOCO) model. In this model, the property and assets are owned by the franchisee, while the school is completely operated by Hippocampus.


Multiple programs to enhance learning and  holistic development of students – blended learning through fun and interactive e-learning content, Computer programs, English proficiency programs, Art, Music and many more.

Hippocampus employs an integrated approach in teaching methods to deliver better learning outcomes.

Focus on individualized child learning goals

Teacher recruitment and training program for teachers all round the year

Superior financial returns  – increased enrollments, fees and higher collection rates


Defined processes, policies and systems

Continuous academic and operational support

Administrative and marketing support

Centralized recruitment support

Mentoring and  training the teaching and administrative staff

School Management Team

Accomplished and competent School Leaders / Principals are placed in your school.

A dedicated learning team that consists of highly qualified educationists who bring with them the best practices of the top schools in India. And work on improving and implementing innovative techniques of educating students in your school.

A management team that consists of stalwarts from the best schools, IITs and leading IT companies.

Join us in an educational movement, where our toddlers grow into self-learners!

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