Our Vision

Leveraging the natural surrounding to build respect for the outdoor and a spirit of adventure

Mahantesh T B says practical experiences, creativity, logical thinking developing these skills in children is very crucial. I am very happy that our school is collaborating with Hippocampus Learning Centers who are experts in the education sector and are doing good work. Our goal together would be of creating adults who would be goal oriented, upholding the values, cultures of our nation and gain knowledge from our teachers to the maximum.

Mahantesh T B Secretary

Our Team



Sarah Misra

Chief Learning Officer

M A Umri

Vice President

Our Philosophy

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We make learning relevant in the present as well as the future. We believe in building culturally-rooted global citizens who embody these seven values and skills, namely COMMUNICATION, CARING, CULTURAL APPRECIATION, CRITICAL THINKING, CREATIVITY, COLLABORATION, COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT. We believe that through these values and skills our children will become aware of themselves and their surroundings to think creatively and critically to empathize with and solve the challenges in the world around them in a collaborative environment. They are forward-looking but also conscious and caring of their surroundings and cultural lineage.